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Find answers to your frequently asked questions here.

How do I register to take the tests?

You will able to register for your tests after signing up to TEPS. 

What are the tests available that I can register for?

You can register for all tests available under test subscription in TEPS.

How do I schedule the location and date of my exam?

After registering for an exam, you will be emailed an invitation to login on TEPS. Once you get your invite, you can login at and schedule your test date and location.

Can I reschedule my test?

The rescheduling process has been closed on the 23rd of August. Therefore, you can't update your schedule now.

What do I need to bring to the test center?

Only  a picture ID. A  CNICNADRA Smart Card/Juvenile Card ( if you do not have a smart card, please bring the ORIGINAL slip from NADRA with your details ), NICOP,  Passport,  ORIGINAL B forms ( will be accepted as a special provision along with father's ORIGINAL CNIC and ORIGINAL matriculation or intermediate DMC with photo ID ) would work. The exams are all computer-based, so you can't bring pens or pencils to do scratch work. You will be given a whiteboard and marker to do scratch work and calculations. The actual exam will be conducted on laptops or tablets that TEPS provides at the test center.

Where do I go on the date of my exam?

After choosing a date and city, you will be provided the address to the exam location. 

What time should I show up for my exam?

You should show up an hour prior to the test start time to give yourself time to check-in and settle in your seat.  Note that no entrance is allowed later than 15 minutes prior to the start time to eliminate all disruption to exam-takers.

How do I study for the exams?

We realize that studying and training to become a doctor is a calling and a responsibility that you take very seriously.  The tests are all on materials that you have encountered during your studies and training.  However, TEPS also provides refresher relevant study materials that can be purchased at

Are there sample testss available?

Yes, sample tests are available at!  These sample tests show you the structure of each exam, how many sections/questions there will be and the time allotted to each section.

Can I take practice tests?

Practice tests are one of the best ways to prepare for the actual test! not only has practice tests available but also allows you to take the tests under the same exam conditions and on the same software that you will encounter in the actual tests.

When are the test results available?

Generally test results will be available within 30 minutes for specific exams.  Just log in to your online account to view the results.  Test results may be delayed under exceptional circumstances.

How will you prevent cheating on the exams?

TEPS has an electronic question bank for each exam that is separate from the practice and sample questions and contains questions generated and reviewed from highly respected professors and experts in the field.  We then generate a unique set of questions from the question bank for each test taker.   Cell phones and other electronic devices will not be allowed at the test seat.  So it will be impossible to share or distribute answers.

Contact us

We if you have another query please contact us on our facebook page.

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