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10 Steps for Taking Your Computer-Based Exam Like a Boss!

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

1. Take a Seat!

Take your assigned seat at the test centre.

2. Wait!

Wait for the invigilator to start the test.

3. Login!

Login via using valid credentials.

4. Start!

Start attempting the test

5. Time it!

Time tracker will always be visible on your screen.

6. You Can Go Back!

You can always go back to attempt a question later.

7. You Can Go Forward!

You may also skip a question and go to the next question.

8. When Can You leave?

You can also complete the test before the max. time limit but cannot leave until the time expires.

9. Results?

The results will be published in 30 minutes after time expires.

10. How Do I get the Results?

You will get the results on your TEPS app.

We are sure that with these 10 steps you will ace your tests. Good luck!

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