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5 Top Things to bring with you to the Computer-Based Test Centre.

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Are you anxious about what to bring for your computer-based test? Don’t be, we got you covered, take a look here at the top 5 things to bring:

1. Your ID:

We need to make sure, you are you! This is the most important thing and you must not forget your original picture ID such as CNIC, Nadra smart card, passport, NICOP.

2. Don’t bring your own device though!

Even though it is a computer-based test but you don’t have to bring your own devices as we will give you a tablet to take the test. No personal electronic devices such as tablets, laptops and cell phones or smart watches are allowed in the test center. We have also put special precautions in place to disrupt cell phone signals.

3. Paper and Pencil:

We understand that you will need to use some paper and a pencil to do rough work to figure out your answers along the way. So we will give it to you in addition to your tablet.

4. Want Water?

Seriously, exams and tests can make anyone have a dry mouth and feel thirsty, so we have you covered by making sure you have access to water bottles if you need to hydrate yourself. On a side note, just remember that you will not be allowed to go to the washroom, so go easy on the water!.

5. Safety and Security:

For everyone’s safety and security, we will be having male and female security staff doing physical checks before you enter the testing center.

Here at TEPS, We are making a genuine effort to make your test experience a stress-free one, so relax, take those practice tests and stay happy!


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