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Reimagining testing with TEPS

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

TEPS is focused on a student-friendly approach to exam testing. What makes us student friendly?


We believe a student should be able to schedule their testing slot to fit their abilities. Some students are at their best in the mornings, while others don't get into their groove until the afternoon. We don't think forcing students into pre-planned spots makes any sense.


Life happens to all of us - whether it's an illness, or family emergencies, or maybe other family events. You should be able to reschedule your test slot without worry, and that's what we let you do.


Paper-based tests are so last year! There are too many issues with people getting exam answers ahead of time, leaked tests, or people taking tests for someone else. Our computer-based testing (CBT) eliminates these issues and ensures a level playing field for everyone. We designed an algorithm that ensures that no two people get the exact same questions. And we'll be able to give you analytics on where you might need to study more to do better.


We've assembled a team of top-notch professionals, from the United States and Pakistan. Our goal is to not just launch this service but to continue providing deep learning analysis and great practice material back to students like you to help you improve.

Everyone at TEPS is excited to bring this level of service and expertise to the education sector in Pakistan.

Good luck with your prep and exams!

Osman Rashid

Founder & Executive Chariman

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