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Practice Tests 101

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

If you are wondering what are practice tests and why should you take them here is a little secret. These practice tests help give you a real feel for the tests and give you practice so you can improve your score, see your results, work on your weak points. The objective of these tests is to make sure you have a fair chance to improve and enhance your score.

Remember, your first practice test which is free will give you a real feeler for the actual test with 210 questions, same time, format and results given in 30 minutes via the TEPS app.

Here are some reminders for enhancing your student-friendly TEPS app experience.

  1. Remember it’s very important to register first, without that you cannot access or log in to the TEPS app.

  2. Use the free practice test! The first practice test is free. Subsequent tests can be bought via the TEPS app.

  3. Explore the TEPS Dashboard, it has many useful resources. You can access test syllabus, practice tests, topics drills, and results under one roof.

  4. TEPS app gives you the option to schedule your test according to your preferred location, date, time and test type. We understand everyone’s life is unique and we are all juggling events and commitments so giving the option to you for choosing your test will make life a tiny bit easier for you. Based on your request, TEPS will recommend you the best date and time based on your priorities.

  5. Did you know; besides the practice tests you can also drill a specific topic? The Drills on the TEPS app help you focus your practice on any topic that you might be weak in so you can improve on that area of knowledge.

  6. With the TEPS app, results are not a mystery nor are they anxiety inducing! You can track your results based on multiple KPIs and see correct/incorrect answers and track your progress.

Remember in life, we have to take several tests for our career and success, but when you are well prepared it makes you more confident. All the best! You got this!


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